HR and Recruitment Technology Implementations

proven processes
technical expertise
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Technology can make or break the talent acquisition function. Aside from the change management aspects, you still need to keep your recruitment processes running during a time of tremendous upheaval for you and your team. We reduce the stress and learning curve of technology implementations and keep your growth goals on track.

Not just loading data and clicking buttons

At Emerald, we’ve helped hundreds of companies through complex implementation projects and it’s never as simple as the demo suggests.

Everything must be customized to your processes, your people, and your other platforms. Because we’re tech agnostic and well-versed in TA Tech, Emerald Implementation specialists can assist with strategic roadmaps, project goals, and any special qualifications you have.

Get a partner who understands the ecosystem and integrations so your new technology can support your goals, instead of stymie them.

Change management takes real change

Helping your team and the broader company through an implementation takes more than expertise and time, it takes changing your own systems and processes.

Emerald works within all industries and company sizes and can suggest ideas to streamline your recruitment and technology processes, all while supporting you with the people aspect of change management.

When you’re running at the speed of NOW, stopping to implement change is tough. Emerald Talent makes it easy.

Avoiding extra costs, annoying delays, and frustration is on everyone's to-do list

Technology is supposed to make lives easier, but when an implementation is understaffed or under-resourced, it feels just the opposite around launch time.

Emerald can ensure you have the resources to do it properly by taking bandwidth, managing vendors, assisting with integrations, and much more.

With Emerald, launch day can be a happy day!

Full-Lifecycle Hiring

Our Recruiters will join your team as fully dedicated resources. You may need one, or many recruiters, to step in at a moment’s notice.

We work within your systems, write and post job descriptions, source, pre-qualify, and schedule interviews for candidates through the entire process.


Emerald executive recruiters work directly with your internal leadership team to craft and publish specific executive profiles, identifying key criteria and competencies for leadership roles within your organization.

Vet and select quality candidates without missing a beat.

Mindset of a System Thinker