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Our experienced recruiters are highly skilled in taking on tough requisitions, tight talent markets, and detailed requirements.

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Emerald is the partner you need to supercharge your technical hiring. Emerald Talent got its start in the tight tech market of Seattle and Silicon Valley, where technical talent is as plentiful as it is hard to pin down.

At Emerald Talent, we understand the motivations of these highly skilled candidates and can tell your company’s story, so you can retain your competitive edge.

Candidate Side

Emerald Talent recruiters and sourcers can speak the language of candidates and understand the nuances of technical careers so your company is always represented in the best light.

Company Side

Emerald Talent pros work seamlessly with your hiring managers and internal recruiters to make the best possible placement, supporting your team every step of the way, implementing processes and efficiencies.

Our Playbook

We are intellectually curious when it comes to sleuthing for “A-player” candidates to fill roles. We learn as much as we can about our clients, their values, and what makes them tick. We then work to understand every aspect of the role, the hiring manager, the team, and what makes an ideal candidate stand out from the crowd. We leave our inherent biases at the door and enter every search with a fresh set of eyes to find the right teammates for every team.

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3 Reasons to Choose
Emerald Talent

We get it and we know we have to deliver. Emerald Talent is gritty, resourceful, and results-driven… and we know how to have fun doing it. Plus…

  1. We’re data-driven and totally transparent
  2. Our TA Pros are highly technical and detail-oriented
  3. We represent your brand like it’s our own

Process Optimization

RPO services from Emerald Talent have everything you expect from an RPO provider and more. At Emerald, we build a relationship with your talent acquisition team, learning your processes and understanding your unique needs. We’re a true partner.


Our Recruiters will join your team as fully dedicated resources. You may need one, or many recruiters, to step in at a moment’s notice. We work within your systems, write and post job descriptions, source, pre-qualify, and schedule interviews for candidates through the entire process.

From First Touch to Offer Letter