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Our sourcing team researches and focuses on filling the top of the funnel, curating lists of tough-to-find candidates, so you don’t have to. We customize and tailor our sourcing projects specifically based on your requisition requirements. Need diversity pipelines increased? We’ve got you!


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Customized and tailored to your specific needs

Sourcing as a Service with Emerald Talent offers more than just an immediate solution to your talent issues, our SaaS offerings also provide an ongoing pipeline and foundation for your recruiting team.

Our sourcing team fills the top of the funnel with qualified, vetted candidates so your team can spend time on outreach, engagement, and much more.

Diverse talent can be hard to find... right?

At Emerald, we know that increasing the diversity of your workforce is at the top of every TA leader’s list. If you don’t know where to start, let’s talk.

Our sourcing team knows how to find candidates who can increase the diversity of your talent pool and which candidates to forward based on your exact requirements and KPIs.

We’ve never sourced any differently and we’re proud of it.

Focus on candidate interaction while we secure a constant inflow of candidates

Emerald serves as an extension of your recruiting team by supplying a constant flow of vetted candidates for your open roles. Hiring progress is accelerated and growth goals are achieved. Winning!

With our team ensuring your candidates are getting the attention they deserve in your process, you can make sure your team is building relationships, engaging with prospective candidates and applicants, and extending offers!

Executive Recruiting

Emerald executive recruiters craft and publish specific executive profiles, identifying key criteria and competencies for leadership roles within your organization.

Top-tier candidates are carefully sourced, confidentially presented, interviewed, and placed at your company with ease and impact.

Services At-A-Glance

We know these are uncertain times, and hiring full-time recruiters may seem ridiculous. That said, your hiring goals aren’t slowing down….and, they may be picking up. That’s why Emerald Talent is ready to help.

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