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If you are looking for a turnkey solution to long-term employee placement, we can help. At Emerald Talent, our experts go to work for you and manage the entire process.

Sometimes it’s all about the prep work

Emerald knows it’s hard to wait for that perfect hire, but sometimes slowing down to lay the groundwork for a crucial search makes all the difference.

Our recruitment experts work closely with your internal stakeholders, from hiring managers to recruiting team, to ensure we have all the details to get you, right-fit candidates, faster.

Increase your hiring impact before you know it.

Narrowing down the top of the funnel takes a discerning eye

Screening and interviewing take skill and bandwidth. Many times, these important steps are skipped over or pushed to the side.

Don’t sacrifice quality for speed.

With Emerald handling your selection processes, you can rest assured you’re getting fully-vetted candidates to help drive your organization forward.

Tight markets require great CX

Hiring and onboarding are places where your candidate experience can shine, or stumble. Emerald represents your company like it is our own.

Many times, the stages after the offer letter are somewhat neglected, leading to turnover and candidate ghosting, or just a poor experience for a new employee.

With Emerald recruiters in the mix, candidates receive the attention they deserve all the way through.

Hiring Services

Find skilled talent that complements your current tech team. Tech hiring is our history and specialty. We can find the great technical hires no one else can and have for years. Learn more about our technical hiring services.


Getting everyone on the same page when it comes to implementing new technologies in your process is no easy feat. At Emerald, we’re tech agnostic so we work the way YOU do, and we can help you change that if you want to. Learn more.

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