Intellectual Curiousity

It All Starts With Curiosity

When it comes to locating A-Players to fill your important roles, we can’t afford to leave any stone unturned. Whether it’s a process, a new technology, or a best practice that just turned up on the scene, we find it, test it, and, if it works…we use it.

  • Exploring our Clients

  • Learning the Role

  • Understanding the Candidate

Laptop screen showing a video conference.

Sourcing Strategy

Strategy is baked in. At Emerald, sourcing is the most strategic part of recruiting, and very often, the most intense.


Cast a Diverse Net

We leave our biases at the door to ensure we capture all relevant candidates to find the right teammates for every team.

Smart phone screen showing a sales funnel.

Highly Technical
Best Practices

Our highly technical sourcing practice focuses on using the right tools to get “top of funnel” results that convert into hires and results.

Narrow Focus

Narrow The Focus

We learn the deep intricacies of a role and narrow the talent pool down to the perfect few and deliver them right to your team.

A man talking and smiling.

Candidate Experience

Every step of our candidate interaction is top-notch. Candidate Experience is all about high-touch interaction.