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Here’s What You Need to Know to Source the Best Tech Talent

The tech hiring market is booming, and more candidates are flooding into the funnels of sourcers everywhere. How do you ensure that you’re sourcing great, unique candidates who can provide immediate value? You’ve got to learn the secrets.

For every job opening, you’ve got to be able to sift through the noise and go beyond the standard platforms to find candidates that no one else could locate. To do that, you need a refined, iterative process that yields positive results. Our guide will help you get started.

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3 Things You'll Learn


How to Go
Beyond LinkedIn

Go where the people are talking, even if you don’t feel like you’ll be able to find everything about that individual.


How to Be Vigilant 
& Transparent

Learn how to present your findings to form a fruitful partnership between yourself and each hiring manager.


How to Live an
Agile Lifestyle

Great sourcing is not about finding something that works and sticking to it at all costs. It’s a results business.

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